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    Pearson Carter Making Microsoft Dynamics NAV Work


    When you talk about business management software for small to medium-sized firms, there is one name that presently stands head and shoulders above the competition: Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is little wonder that this particular software package has proven so popular; the Redmond giant has the knowhow, structuring and financial clout to make any project a success. After acquiring Navision in 2002 for a tidy $1.45billion, Microsoft has taken this accounting software and developed it into the world’s greatest all-rounder for SMBs. Each year sees a new release with updated and upgraded functionality and, with each new version, it makes itself more and more indispensable for business owners everywhere. The 2016 release sees even more functionality added to the already impressive list. Microsoft is continuously working to improve on what is already a class-leading product.

    The reason so many would recommend Microsoft Dynamics NAV is because, despite the wide range of tasks it automatically manages and streamlines, it is fundamentally user friendly; mimicking the appearance of Windows and Office software so the user feels more at home using it. It is also highly adaptable and can be customised to meet the demands of the individual business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV takes the strain out of finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, services and more.

    To run a system like this to its maximum ability you need people with the skills to make the most of it for your business. If you want to find a specialist in this system you need to speak to a specialist recruitment consultancy. Pearson Carter is the only recruitment consultancy that concentrates solely on the sourcing of the very best Microsoft Dynamics NAV professionals from all around the world, supplying businesses across the UK and Ireland with the people who understand how to get the very best out of this feature-rich software.

    Pearson Carter has built a large, and growing, database of the top experts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The list includes:

    • Business Analyst
    • Finance & Accountancy
    • Technical support
    • Software consultant
    • Developer
    • Programmer
    • Project manager
    • Trainer

    Whatever you need to make your software work for you and streamline your business, Pearson Carter can supply you with the right people. People with the necessary qualifications, skills and experience obviously but, more than that, people who meet your expectations as valuable new additions to your team. Pearson Carter recruitment consultants take the time to get to know both candidates and clients. This helps them in finding the best fit for both parties.

    Pearson Carter’s primary objective is to put its clients and candidates first. To serve them as best they can; to form partnerships and nurture long-lasting relationships, both with Microsoft Dynamics NAV professionals and within the business communities of the UK and Ireland.