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    Why should you upgrade your Dynamics NAV System to Dynamics 365 Business Central?


    Businesses that have been running on Dynamics NAV have been slowly making the transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central. As more NAV End Users are transitioning, an even larger number of users are asking if it’s worth it to transition to Business Central, let’s find out what Dynamics NAV Professionals thought… 

    We’ve found 5 main areas of focus to consider when looking at upgrading from Dynamics NAV to D365 Business Central.

    More Functionality and Apps – D365 Business Central builds on the core functionality of Dynamics NAV but also introduces new features such as focus mode, late payment prediction, fuzzy search etc. New apps and add-ons are being added to AppSource daily, further expanding the functionality of Business Central.

    Business Insights – With this feature your business can easily embrace the benefits of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to become more efficient and reduce manual processes. Microsoft’s Power Platform, made up of Power BI, Flow, and Power Apps, gives you better data that is accurate and timely to help you make better business decisions.

    Microsoft Cloud – Data been a huge topic with huge changes within GDPR for all professionals but a key focus for IT Professionals. The Microsoft Cloud is synonymous with security and stability. With over 3,500 cyber-security professionals on staff, Microsoft is an industry leader when it comes to protecting, detecting, and responding to cyber threats. With so many IT experts in your corner, your IT staff can become more productive without having to worry about managing servers and ever-changing security regulations.

    Modern Platform – D365 Business Central features an intuitive look and feel that will help reduce training and ramp-up time for users because it’s easy to use. Additionally, Business Central can be accessed anywhere, at any time – giving users the flexibility to work no matter where they are.

    Finally, the main decision-making factor in majority of implementations… COST!

    While D365 isn’t necessarily less expensive than Dynamics NAV on-premise, it does give you a better understanding of your monthly costs, allowing your team to budget and plan more effectively. Essentially, moving to the cloud is a financial shift that reallocates ERP spend from infrastructure, costly servers, and upgrades to licensing fees. In fact, transitioning from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 is the final ‘upgrade’ you’ll ever have to pay for. Once you have implemented Dynamics 365, updates happen frequently, and at no cost, ensuring you’re always on the most recent version!

    What can we do?

    We are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Recruitment Specialists and have a team of Dynamics NAV/D365 Business Central Professionals who work with Permanent/Contact NAV Specialists who could make an immediate impact within a D365 project implementation. 

    Contact us on 0191 406 6111 drop us an email on [email protected]. We promise a turnaround within 24 hours!