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    How does Dynamics NAV/D365 Business Central compare to other ERPs?


    As the top software company in the world, it only makes sense that Microsoft would be one of the leading ERP Solution providers in the world.

    Microsoft Dynamics’ ERP suite is made up of Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, and SL. Since the release of Microsoft Dynamics, the brand has undergone significant changes and upgrades, primarily to stay ahead of the many other ERP software vendors that have entered the market.

    So, how does Microsoft Dynamics NAV/D365 Business Central stack up against the competition? Here’s a look at how Microsoft Dynamics compares to other ERP software.

    Compatibility with Legacy Systems

    This is critical when transitioning to an ERP system. Unfortunately, not all ERP systems are compatible with legacy systems. Dynamics NAV/D365 Business Central is compatible with majority legacy systems. This can help the transition by reducing time, money and effort.

    Customer Support

    It is important to identify the level of service your vendor is going to provide, remember your employees are going to need guidance and support well beyond the initial implementation. Microsoft have nailed this down not only within Dynamics NAV/D365 Business Central but across all their Dynamics solutions. This is not be the case with majority other ERPs providers.


    Dynamics NAV/D365 Business Central easily integrates with other Microsoft products that you are likely already using, including QuickBooks, Outlook, Excel and Word. This streamlines processes and increases business efficiency. Also, this allows your employees to access and use Microsoft programs without going outside the ERP software. Integrating other ERP systems with Microsoft products is often a difficult and time-consuming process.

    Microsoft Dynamics Intuition

    Dynamics makes good use of artificial intelligence, including Azure Machine Learning and Power BI. This greatly enhances the system’s intuitiveness. Your team will gain insight into customer communications, transactions, and other pertinent data. The result is accurate predictions and inferences allowing you to anticipate client needs. Businesses benefit from streamlined operations and reduced costs.

    Overall Dynamics NAV/D365 Business Central will enhance your business processes and make everyone’s life hell of a lot easier if implemented correctly.

    If you would like advice or want speak to us about implementing Microsoft Dynamics or how this system would compare to a different ERP get in touch with Ellie Reavley on 0191 406 6111 or [email protected]!