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    10 Reasons why you should choose Dynamics CRM/D365 as your CRM Solution


    The twenty-twenties, a world full of choice and possibilities. With the CRM market worth over a staggering £30 billion, which CRM is best and why…

    Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Adobe?

    Read on to find out why you should choose Microsoft Dynamics 365…

    1. Flexible pricing – pay only for what you need – Pay only for the modules and services that you require. Payments are calculated per user, per month, so you don’t have to pay extra for features that you will not use. Each application can be purchased individually making your Dynamics CRM bespoke to your needs
    2. Efficient, automated processes – Manual tasks can be very repetitive, boring and time consuming. With Dynamics 365, workflows are used to create processes that reflect your business goals in order to reach desired results. For example, sales leads can be qualified using specific criteria which are then used to trigger automated emails alerts or alerts to specified individuals within the business.
    3. Manage all process and relationship in one place – With Dynamics 365 you can manage all of your business relationships and processes through integrated and connected applications, using data stored within the platform. This provides the stability to help your business grow.
    4. Business insights and reporting – Power BI is used to report your business’ KPI’s in real time. Users can quickly access the strengths and weaknesses of your businesses performance and processes using data visualisations. Power BI provides you with data driven decision making tools.
    5. Build strong relationships with your customers for life – Dynamics 365 consists of five modules: sales, marketing, customer service, project service automation and field service. You can pick and choose which modules you require depending on your business needs. The sales, marketing and customer service modules/applications connect everyone to the same source of information creating consistency to enhance the overall customer experience. Web chat and self-service platforms positively influence communication methods.
    6. Work on the go – Dynamics 365 synchronises with mobile applications available for iOS, Windows and Android. This enables you to be productive on the go.
    7. Be compliant and secure your data – Dynamics 365 is fully GDPR compliant, meeting the EU’s privacy criteria. Microsoft stores customer data in secure cloud-based UK data centres.
    8. Regular updates to keep you ahead of the game – Due to Microsoft’s investment into research and development, two major Dynamics 365 updates are released each year. Smaller, weekly changes are also added to continue to improve the products capabilities and features.
    9. Integrate all of your products in one place – What makes Dynamics 365 unique from its competitors is its simplistic ability to integrate with other Microsoft platforms and applications such as, Outlook, Office 365, SharePoint and Teams. This again increases productivity and brings benefits that other CRMs can’t match.
    10. A recognisable Microsoft interfaces – Finally, if points 1 – 9 haven’t convinced you, as Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft product, the interface is instantly recognisable following the same design as their flagship products. This means that even those technophobes within the company will be able to use it confidently from the get-go, reducing the time and resource that it takes to implement the system.

    Whether you are a candidate with or without Dynamics CRM experience or a company using or looking to implement Dynamics 365, get in contact with Ryan Beal at Pearson Carter on 0191 406 6111 or https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-beal-740a93166/ to discuss how we can help you.