Marta Lewis

I am noticing the same thing the last few days.  I am using an older version of Outlook (2007).  For example, which just occurred, it will display that  I am receiving 6 messages, but will see 2 of them pop into the Inbox and disappear.  I will receive the other 4.  I am using POP3 as stipulated by my e-mail provider.  I am able to log into my e-mail on the server and find the messages in the deleted folder.  I do not have Outlook set up to leave the e-mails on the server, though the server does hold them for a few days in the Deleted folder before permanently deleting them.  I can move those messages back to the inbox, log out and then access Outlook again and the same thing happens.  They pull into Outlook long enough for me to see them (about a half a second) then they disappear again.  I am accessing them from my PC, not any mobile device.

UPDATE: Today I realized this seems to be happening to specific senders. Rolling Stone and Kohl’s Department store e-mails are 2 that I noticed today.  I added them to th

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